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Over 75 percent of the population are deficient in vitamins and minerals that links to many disorders. Total wellness is a balance life style and optimization of the following: hormone, vitamin-nutrients, food, spiritual or emotional, and physical movement.In the past 80 years, the amount of nutrient found in our food intake dropped 96 percent. According to the Earth summit report: Farmland in the USA is over 85 percent micronutrient depleted. The human body requires at least 60 percent minerals for optimal health but only eight minerals are found in most of the foods we eat. A 76 percent decline in trace minerals in fruits and vegetables are a risk factor in your health. Eating only apple, lettuce or cabbage put you at risk and we can trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

Disorders associated with vitamins and minerals and changes in the human microbiome in the USA leads to an increase in the following disorders: depression, Alzheimer’s, autism, fibromyalgia, MS and diabetes. Our bodies need good bacteria to maintain a healthy body.
Here is a list of nutrients, vitamin and minerals that most Americans do not sufficiently store in their body:

Iodine: Iodine deficiency has increased four fold over the last 40 years. Seventy-four percent do not receive enough Iodine. RDA recommend is 290mcg of Iodine daily. Not enough. Japanese average daily intake is 700 mcg. Intakes of around 5000 mcg Iodine supports brain development, decreases breast cancer and links to improve autism odds.

Vitamin D: Medical community now recognizes the higher amount of Vitamin D. A simple blood test cells for Vitamin D. Twenty-five-Hydroxy gives indication on how low your Vitamin D is. The level of vitamin D should be between 30 to 100. Less than 20 means you are deficient. Value of 30 to 100 is within normal level however for most individuals recommendation is to increase the optimal level of 50 to 70. This means you must take average 5000 units of Vitamin D3, three times per week. Vitamin D is your key to stay happy and healthy.
Next month we continue the topic by providing you nutrient value you need to take healthy living. Next month’s focus is on Vitamin D preventive quality in cancer, depression, fatigue, moods, muscle pain and sleep. Group Vitamin K (K, K1, K2), Magnesium: 75 percent of population is deficient, and Vitamin B-12.

For more information and consulting with the Medical Team, please contact Valencia Medical Center for to find out which combination of vitamin infusions are right for you, at 661-222-9117. The office is located at 24159 Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia. This article can also be read here in the Santa Clarita Magazine July 2017.

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