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Newest form of Treatment for Acne by PRP Part one of three

by  | Feb 1, 2016

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, or Prolotherapy, is a revolutionary new treatment option for a multitude of diseases and conditions. Using the bodies very own healing mechanism, PRP can stimulate a cascade of events that trigger local reactions to combat, treat and heal most inflammatory related conditions. How does it work? Within our own blood are circulating platelets, stem cells, antibodies, calcium as well as other local acting mediators that are responsible for the first line of defense in fighting infection, recruiting new cells, and tissue healing after an injury or infection. Harnessing this innate fighting system, researches in Germany over the course of the past decade have discovered that enriching a patient’s blood via a process called centrifugation, and enriching the serum portion where the majority of these mediators lie, produces a powerful serum for fighting inflammation.

I have invested time, energy and research in the field of PRP treatment and was one of the first physicians in Southern California to use PRP in the treatment of knee injury. Drawing from our understanding of its biological mechanism, I extrapolated this serum can be useful in a myriad of conditions, and put that theory to the test in select publications. From both a clinical and epidemiological standpoint, this simple, low risk treatment has demonstrated consistent results in the treatment of active acne pustules, acne scar reduction, hair regeneration, knee and shoulder injuries/tendinitis, as well as a difficult to treat inflammatory condition called Psoriasis. I will discuss PRP treatment in these four conditions in a four part series, today focusing on acne treatment.

So what is acne, and how can PRP help? Most of us have experienced some type of acne, whether childhood, juvenile or adult onset. The scars that acne leaves behind are just as debilitating as the experience of facing people with acne on a daily basis. When I was in my residency training, I worked under one of the most experienced oral maxillary facial surgeons in the country. He always emphasized two things; 1) The face is the most recognizable part of the body and 2) People will notice even the smallest defects of the face, it is a part of our human nature. It is important to present yourself at your best, and that begins with the most observed part of the body, your face.

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