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Newest form of Treatment for Acne by PRP – Part three of three

by  | Apr 1, 2016

Here is where PRP comes into play, it restores the balance so to speak. The platelets in your blood react to tissue outside of blood vessels as if an injury has occurred, and release a cascade of compounds that act to stimulate local tissue healing and downplay inflammation. Appropriate tissue healing cannot occur in the context of inflammation. A platelets job is to act as a mediator in tissue injury, creating a plug in the event of venous injury, so bleeding can be controlled. It also recruits local cells to rebuild the venous injury, creating new tissue in the process. Applying this to acne, we can downplay the inflammatory component responsible for scar formation, and stimulate healthy, local cells to build up normal tissue in the wake of recent inflammation and infection. This all leads to better outcomes in acne. Other factors found in PRP that may contribute include, stem cells, which although in small amount, may contribute to developing a more natural skin architecture, calcium which is a needed component of many of the chemical reactions that take place in fighting infection and tissue healing, circulating antibodies that help fight infection and other factors like Growth Hormone that may be effective at the tissue level.

The most exciting fact about PRP is it comes from your own body, and carries a negligible risk profile, compared to most of the other acne treatment modalities out there, including cosmetic laser skin resurfacing and antibiotic treatments. In addition to the localized anti-inflammatory response and better tissue healing in acne, PRP can stimulate surrounding cells to produce more collage, lifting up minor wrinkles and drooping skin, as well as provide essential nutrients and hydration to your skin that leaves your face looking more natural and shiny. Thank you for reading today’s article on PRP and its use in acne treatment, stay tuned for the next series of PRP treatment, this time on Hair Regeneration.

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