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Newest Form of Treatment for Acne by PRP Part two of three

by  | Mar 1, 2016

Acne is an inflammatory condition caused by a clogged pore or hair follicle, trapping bacteria inside and leading to pustular formation. Without getting too detailed, pus is a combination of natural oils, dead skin cells as well as dead, local immune fighting cells that were recruited to the infection site. The problem is most of these closed off infections become impenetrable, even to immune fighting cells, and grow larger over time if the roof, or comedone, is not opened for drainage. In surgical lingo, this process is done routinely in the operating room, when large boils, cysts and other types of infections require an incision and drainage procedure in order to clear the body of these contents, for there is no effective way for the body to clear large collections of dead, cellular debris. It is no different for acne, the comedone needs to be unroofed, either via popping (which acts almost like an incision), scrubbing the face or getting a chemical peel to open the pores.

An acne scar is due to inflammation. After the comedone is opened and the pustular contents removed, the body continues to react at the injury and infection site. This is why a pimple is tender and red, two classic hallmarks of inflammation. If the inflammatory reaction is overdone, as is the case of certain genetic predispositions, or recurrent infection, the immune fighting cells can actually do more harm than good. These cells release contents that kill both bacteria and healthy dermatocytes, including collagen producing cells localized to the area. The key to acne healing, and any inflammatory process for that matter, is an appropriate balance between destruction and reconstruction of the local tissue.  This delicate balance is mediated by local and system factors found mostly within the blood.

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