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Chiropractic Services Now Available

Recently the American Academy of Physicians recognized the value and effectiveness of chiropractic when treating back pain. Additionally we join Cleveland Clinic and Cancer Treatment Centers of America in now offering Chiropractic Services.

With this in mind, we happily welcome Santa Clarita’s top rated 5 star chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki.
As one of twelve advanced certified instructors in the world, Dr. Polucki taught at two chiropractic colleges.

Unlike most chiropractors, Dr. Polucki spent the last thirty years studying and refining treatments that do not require any twisting or cracking of the back and neck.

Most importantly patients love the often immediately relaxing effect of
“baby C.P.R. for the spine”, as quoted in one patient’s review.

In addition to therapeutic chiropractic care, Dr. Polucki will head up our neuro-musculo-skeletal rehabilitation department. Which means treatment for pains, strains and sprains related to nerves, muscles and joints.

And what that really means is fast lasting relief for injuries from sports or accidents plus the unexpected episode of back pain, neck pain, sciatica or carpal tunnel. Furthermore step by step rehabilitation will take the patient from acute pain through relief and on to regaining balance, flexibility and strength.

For example advanced connective tissue therapies reduce pain and restrictions to restore motion. Then experience center of balance and postural rehabilitation, instantly, for the feeling of  “the stress of my entire life was lifted off my shoulders with my first treatment.”

We look forward to setting a new standard of care in Integrative Medicine with the addition of chiropractic services performed by Dr. Thomas Polucki.

The doctors and staff at Valencia Medical Center, located in Valencia, California provide expert medical care and services to patients of all ages. The available services range from general skin care services to many aesthetic procedures including laser therapy, facial rejuvenation, anti-aging hormone treatments, body contouring and weight control.

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